Scholarships at the Louisville Campus

Ambassador Scholarship

The Ambassador Scholarship offers a $500 scholarship for every quarter that a student meets the student ambassador requirements. The student ambassadors volunteer their time during student activities and admissions activities. The student must maintain a mini- mum 3.0 GPA and attend and participate in required events each quarter.

GED Scholarship Program

As evidence of its commitment to the adult learner in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, each year Spencerian College will offer two scholarships valued at up to $3,000 ($500 per term for up to six terms) as a reduction of tuition. The recipient must also receive an overall total score in the 72nd percentile or higher on the GED. The recipient must also meet all other Spencerian College entrance requirements, maintain continuous full-time status, and a minimum quarterly GPA of 3.0.

Healthcare Initiative Scholarship

Application Procedure: Must apply for Medical Assistant diploma program; must submit a 250 word essay on “Why and how I chose my career specialization” to the Academic Dean at Spencerian College;

Basis for Selection: Submission of essay and acceptance into the Medical Assistant Diploma Program.

Deadline: None;

Term: Paid equally over the length of the program

Eligibility: Must maintain 2.5 quarterly GPA with continuous full-time enrollment

Number of Students: Open number of scholarship recipients annually

Amount: up to $12,000

High School Essay Scholarship

Scholarships are available to selected high school seniors based on their seventh semester high school class ranking, grade point averages (GPA), aptitude/achievement test scores and career essays. Up to 20 awards are for $500 per quarter and are renewable for up to nine consecutive quarters, depending on program length, as long as the student maintains at least a 3.0 GPA while a Spencerian student.

High School Tech Prep

Scholarships are available through Spencerian’s Tech Prep High School program. High schools that have developed a Tech Prep articulation agreement with Spencerian are awarded $500 scholarships to give to seniors who may be considering Spencerian College. The high school may use their own criteria in awarding these scholarships. The number of Tech Prep scholarships each high school receives is based on the number of programs the school has articulated.

Imagine America Scholarship

The Imagine America Scholarship is an award-winning scholarship program offered by the Imagine America Foundation. The scholarship is awarded in three categories: High School scholarships for graduating seniors, scholarships for adults 19 years old and older, and grants for military in the amount of $1000. Applicants must visit to apply for the scholarship and watch the Financial Planning Made Simple video. The recipient must also meet the minimum requirements as established by Spencerian College. Additional information can be obtained from the Admissions Department.

Jan McKenzie Gordon Scholarship

The Jan McKenzie Gordon Scholarship is a full tuition scholarship award presented annually to the most outstanding student at the end of their first three quarters who is pursuing their Associate of Applied Science Degree at Spencerian College.

Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES)

Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarships (KEES) are available to Kentucky high school graduates who are residents of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. You do not have to apply for a KEES award. Your high school should provide all necessary information to the Kentucky Higher Educational Assistance Authority (KHEAA). You should have received a letter from KHEAA each summer while in high school with the award you earned for the previous school year. You may also access your award information at the KHEAA website when you long into KHEAA’s Zip Access System at If a KEES award is not listed in your information, contact your high school guidance counselor.

The aggregate volume of scholarships awarded is up to $200,000. Additional information can be obtained from the Admissions Office.

Kentucky Governor’s Scholars

Participants of the Kentucky Governor’s Scholars Program wishing to attend Spencerian College are awarded scholarships in varying amounts. The scholarships can be used for the June or September terms.

Scholarship Day

Each year Spencerian College hosts a Scholarship Day for prospective students. Applicants compete for scholarships by taking a standardized exam, and scholarships are awarded in amounts of $250 to $3,000 based on exam scores.

Valedictorian Scholarship

There is a full-tuition scholarship for high school valedictorians who enter Spencerian College within six months of graduating from high school. Documentation of valedictorian status must be provided by the high school.