Career Services

You’ll find that Spencerian College serves you and the community by providing the following services to graduates and employers alike:

  • A Career Services staff who works with you one-on-one to help find job openings in your chosen career fields.
  • Nationwide graduate employment assistance. As a graduate, you may utilize our nationwide network of career school executives service as many times as needed to find a job anywhere in the United States, at any time.
  • Employer services that match the right graduates with the right jobs, at no charge to the employer or graduate.

The Career Services Director and Career Services Staff are available to assist qualified graduates with career placement. The Career Services office assists all graduates who have met their financial obligation to the school, formally applied for Career Services assistance, supplied the Career Services office with the required support information and are available to interview with employers.

Graduates of all programs are eligible for job search assistance. The assistance is provided to all eligible graduates at any time at no additional cost to the graduate. Students who have not successfully completed all of the above requirements are not eligible for career services.

For program placement rates, please visit the Program Success page and click on the name of the program.

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