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Medical Programs

Spencerian Louisville medical student with scale

Gain a broad range of healthcare knowledge with a Medical Clinical Specialties associate degree.

The objective of the Medical Clinical Specialties program is to prepare you to perform clinically in a physician's office or other medical facility. By graduation, you will possess the skills necessary to obtain quality laboratory specimens, perform x-rays, handle administrative duties, assist in patient care and examinations, as well as perform appropriate medical procedures.

Externships will prepare you to perform the roles of a medical assistant, phlebotomist and limited medical radiographer, offering you many avenues to pursue in finding employment in the medical community.

What type of person would this program appeal to?

The program was designed to prepare you to gain entry-level employment in the medical field in a physician's office or outpatient clinical setting. Strong clinical competency, flexibility in performing both clinical and administrative tasks and the ability to work effectively with patients, clients and other members of the healthcare team are key attributes for these professionals. Employment in this field requires you to be in good physical condition and able to walk or stand for long periods of time. Our program includes a large amount of hands-on clinical experience. You should know that this program will require training in invasive procedures in phlebotomy and medical assisting. An instructor will demonstrate these skills, and you in turn will demonstrate to the instructor that you know how to perform them. If you have an aversion to being stuck or to sticking another person with a needle, you may want to consider another program.

What specific skills or knowledge are taught in this program?

You will learn to:

  • Utilize the skills necessary to obtain quality laboratory specimens
  • Perform clinically in a physician's office
  • Handle administrative duties
  • Assist in patient care
  • Perform accurate medical procedures such as injections, venipuncture, electrocardiograms (EKGs) and Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) waived laboratory tests
  • Perform administration of ionizing radiation for the medical diagnostic imaging purposes using As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) principles
  • Provides CPR, first aid and check vital signs

What are potential jobs or employment settings for graduates?

Medical clinical specialists are employed primarily in physician practices and urgent health care centers.

What is the most important or unique thing about this program?

Licensure and certification is required once you graduate. You will be certified for Phlebotomy through the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP). You will also be certified for Medical Assisting through the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA). Certification testing fees for MA and Phlebotomy certification are included in the program tuition. Certification provides you a better opportunity for employment over non-certified candidates, as well as increases your earning potential. The program utilizes industry-standard laboratories and medical equipment to prepare you in on-campus laboratories, as well as provides you with clinical experience at a local healthcare affiliate. Licensure for the Limited Medical Radiography (LMR) portion of this program is required for you for employment purposes as well. Licensure for LMR graduates is ONLY for the state of Kentucky.

What are good resources for finding out more on this career field?

American Association of Medical Assistants
American Society of Clinical Pathologists
American Medical Technologists
Advance Laboratory Magazine
Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology
Commonwealth of Kentucky Radiation Health Branch

If you’d like to learn more about Spencerian’s Medical Clinical Specialties program, request more information or if you’re ready to get started, enroll today!

Degrees Offered

  • Associate degree


  • Lexington
  • Louisville

Program Success Lexington Campus
Program Success Louisville Campus

Course List

Lexington Course List

Class Title Hours
CAS278 Clinical Assistant Externship 3
CCS100 Accounting for the Business Office 3
CCS110 College Success Strategies 2
CCS121 English I 4
CCS122 English II 4
CCS123 College Mathematics 4
CCS130 Keyboarding 5
CCS245 Career Development 2
CCS280 Word Processing I 3
CCS293 Personal Psychology 4
LMR201 Radiographic Imaging 4
LMR300 Limited Medical Radiography Clinical I 5
LMR301 Limited Medical Radiography Clinical II 7
LMR400 Certification Review 3
MAD296 Medical Administrative Externship 2
MED165 Electronic Records Management 3
MED270 Medical Administrative Techniques 3
MED171 Medical Law & Ethics 4
MED172 Anatomy & Physiology I 4
MED173 Anatomy & Physiology II 4
MED274 Medical Assisting Techniques 3
MED176 Medical Terminology 4
MED177 Pharmacology/Laboratory Terminology 4
MED178 Medical Insurance 3
MED211 Health & Safety Techniques 3
MED212 Medical Lab Techniques 6
MED213 Advanced Clinical Skills 3
MED277 Introduction to Medical Coding 3
PHB214 Phlebotomy Techniques 6
PHB216 Phlebotomy Examination Review 3
PHB279 Phlebotomy Externship 4
RAD100 Introduction to Radiography 4
RAD102 Introduction to Radiographic Clinical Topics I 3
RAD121 Radiographic Positioning I 6
RAD131 Radiographic Positioning II 3
Total Credit Hours 131

*Courses subject to change.

Louisville Course List

Class Title
Credit Hours
100 Accounting for Business
110 College Success Strategies
121 English I
130 Keyboarding
151 College Mathematics
165 Electronic Records Management
171 Medical Law & Ethics
172 Anatomy & Physiology I
173 Anatomy & Physiology II
176 Medical Terminology
177 Pharmacology/Laboratory Terminology
178 Medical Insurance
211 Health & Safety Techniques
212 Medical Laboratory Procedures
213 Advanced Clinical Skills
245 Career Development
270 Medical Administration Techniques
274 Medical Assisting Techniques
277 Introduction to Medical Coding
278 Clinical Practicum
280 Word Processing I
296 Medical Administrative Practicum
  The preceding courses complete the Medical Assistant portion of the program.  
122 English II
293 Personal Psychology
LMR201 Radiographic Imaging
LMR300 Limited Medical Radiography Clinical I
LMR301 Limited Medical Radiography Clinical II
LMR400 LMR Certification Review
RAD100 Introduction to Radiography
RAD102 Introduction to Radiographic Clinical Topics I
RAD200 Radiographic Positioning I
RAD300 Radiographic Positioning II
  2 Available Options to Complete the Program:

Phlebotomy Option:
214 Phlebotomy Techniques
216 Phlebotomy Examination Review
279 Phlebotomy Externship
  Patient Care Assistant Option:  
PCA100 Nurse Assistant Skills
PCA102 Mental Health, Restorative Aide, & Home Health
  Total Credit Hours

*Courses subject to change.